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Strawberries Dipped in Chocolate

Berries should be at room temperature. Rinse thoroughly and pat dry with paper towel. Dip in melted chocolate and place on parchment paper to set up. Strawberries are best done the day they are to be served. If done the day before, store in the refrigerator.

One pound of chocolate will dip 3 small baskets of berries. Four pounds of chocolate will dip one flat (12 baskets) of berries.

Melting Instructions for Chocolate

Place up to one pound of candy melts in glass dish (4 cup pyrex measuring cup is ideal).
Microwave on high for 30 seconds - STOP & STIR - candy will be barely melted but must be stirred to prevent burning. Microwave on high a second time for 30 seconds - STOP & STIR - Microwave at ten second intervals stirring after each ten seconds until smooth.

Note: If melts are too thick they be thinned with PARAMOUNT FLAKES. DO NOT GET ANY WATER OR MOISTURE IN YOUR CHOCOLATE.